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Beautiful, Healthy Skin

Are there actual products out there that are effective and gentle on your skin to get you real results?

Absolutely! We scoured the market to bring you the ones we found that are proven to work.

By: Michelle Green

If you have a light complexion, the makeup aisle at the drugstore is your oyster. You have a wide variety of choices, and it's not difficult to find the shade...

Best Hair Care Solutions
Hair Care
By: Brittany Kline

We all have to deal with damaged hair at some point in our lives. More likely than not, we turn to the nearest friend or family member for tips or...

Skin Care
Facial Exercises to Give You Younger, Firmer Skin

An electric face exercising device can stimulate the skin and help prevent wrinkles. Most of us reject the signs of aging, and when they start...

Skin Care
Help Your Skin Flourish by Using the Right Oil, Serum or Moisturizer

Replenish your skin with natural oils. Oil and skin are two words that you might not like hearing together. So many people make the connection...

Skin Care
CBD Basics for Exceptional Skin

CBD is short for cannabinoid oil, which is one of the roughly 130 chemical compounds that come from the cannabis plant. Since its legalization, stores...

Skin Care
Back Facials to Help You Glow in Your Summer Clothes

One of the most enduring styles of summer is the backless cut. You see it on swimsuits, dresses and tops ranging from casual to formal....

Best Eyelash Growth Products
By: Michelle Green

Ladies, we all want to be seen at our best; we want our lashes to be long and thick enough, and to give our eyes an alluring glamour, but realistically,...

Remove Stretch Marks
Stretch Marks
By: Michelle Green

These days, every professional photograph you see has been enhanced with some sort of photoshop tweak or tool. The models in these photos have their perceived flaws edited away to...