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At LetsTalkBeauty.com, we do what we know best… we talk beauty. Here, our experts provide you with advice about the most common beauty problems, and also review and compare the most popular beauty products on the market today. LetsTalkBeauty is constantly being updated, so be sure to check back to read about today’s latest products and beauty news.

Life already has enough worries of its own: work, bills, boyfriends and husbands, kids, family, and school all make life stressful, so why should caring for your beauty complicate things any further?. Most women have little or no time to dedicate to shopping for beauty solutions, our goal is to make their lives easier… and a whole lot more beautiful!


Michelle Green

Michelle is a part-time product reviewer and a full-time super mom. When she isn't driving her kids to school or soccer games or birthday parties or wherever else they need to go, she likes to lock herself in the bathroom for what she calls "much needed 'me' time."

Jasmine Garcia

Jasmine is a dental hygienist by day, beauty reviewer by night. She specializes in brighter smiles but her personal interests include everything from smoother skin to a bikini-ready body.

Jennifer Reynolds

Jennifer is a licensed esthetician and self-proclaimed "skin care addict." Her passion for skin care translates into quality reviews for us and no bathroom counter space for her.


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